Spirit Press 3rd August 2021

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well!

I have not meant to startle anyone with yesterday’s post, you need to I think let the information sit with you and see what your own intuition brings. Perhaps do some research although I know that can be hard as there is so much disinformation out there.

I do believe that Australia is a bit of a testing ground for what is happening and covid control is all part of it. I know many of you may not want my opinion on it and I have refrained from giving it. But I would be silly to ignore its impact on societal energy, government control, moving us into a digital system as we here in Australia are all digital already, many places taken cash away, and gov trying to line up digital vax certificates as mandatory to attend daily life. We are not there yet but looking like we have no rights here in the Australia prison The economic environment and people’s ability to be free or not massively controlled and regulated here is looking slimmer and slimmer. All the money in the world is not good without some freedom and your health as top priority.

Anyway, it is something to keep an eye on it all and has been bought to my attention for a reason.

Lets look at some altcoin requests –

Diamond Projekt (DIAMND) for FundamentalEDU

Currently, 0.00000002 when I first looked at this but have gone up 0.00000005 with ATH of 0.00000009

This has good Energy – Yes and This is a good investment – Yes

2021 I got will get to 0.00001 will drop 70 – 80% in value but recover well in 2022 starting July getting with nice high in Nov. Around 0.01-0.02.

Something happens in 2023 and things go sideways. Not as much growth and sideways is what I get. But still here in 2029

I need to warn****** Very hard to talk to spirit saying all these .000000000 in my communication, could easily be wrong or 0 out. These should not be used for trading only as a guide only. It ends up a mouthful when speaking these zero amounts and I don’t trust that Spirit or myself could be out. This goes for reading all these low cap coins!

Looking at EARNX for Tnguyen5123 – Currently 0.00000045 at this look. ATH is 0.0000027

Good Energy = No sorry not getting it. Good Investment? = No not this year 2021 but yes next year-end in 2022.

This is one that needs to be looked at a later date.

Longevity is good staying around 2029

Now looking at Saitama INU for Escape…….. Another INU/dog one this I got good prices on though. Doesn’t rate a price at the moment which makes me wonder about the prices I get for it. But anyway, here you go –

Good Energy? = No, Good Investment? = Yes  2021 – it gets to 0.00004 – 0.00005

2022 I got it at 0.15 I thought quite high but that’s what I got.

And in 2023 – $3.20  so at least its consistent with its big prices.

Again longevity to 2029

Ok, that’s all I have for you today as have just been for a cortisone shot in my neck today and have been told to rest. Which will do today. We are allowed to still attend medical appointments thank goodness.

I would like to remind everyone how protected and divinely guided we are. We are in for a fabulous run higher in our crypto. We should not only be thrilled, in appreciation, and excited about this as I am………………. It is everyone’s own decision if or when to cash out if they want to. I can only give what I am getting as guidance and cannot tell you what to do. It is this past waiting time of reflection and following your own intuition that will come in very handy for each individual person I believe in this leg up.

Blessings all, Jule

Author: Jule