August 2021

Hello beautiful Souls, welcome to August!

How happy and excited we are to be in August, this energy seems clearer and you can feel the building Energy of what’s to come.

So after checking this information I lot the last few days I am getting the same thing which is the confirmation again of October and November high timelines for the crypto market. I get the highest month is October. Then we will gradually go into a bear market. I got the majority of 2022 will be bear market only recovering at the end of 2022. Some will start to come out of it in July but most not seeing recovery and better prices to November 2022.

This high time coming I am hearing the timing pretty similar everywhere which is great, but could be higher than we think………… I feel I have been conservative with my prices for this year because in the past I was not conservative. This bull market unfolding, I know personally for myself I get life-changing. This will be life-changing. I have checked and rechecked this. It has been my utmost importance and to also position well to make it happen.  Which I am personally still checking and tweaking.

I know we all have different scenarios and agendas, some are trading or interest in lo cap coins to try make big gains and others are HODLing for the long term. I do want to remind you to take some profits in this run as it could be a while to come back next year.

So, I have been told by Spirit to cash out 80% of my portfolio this year which I never intended to do until I get wind of the information, given to me by my friend. The information came from my friend in my TG group. Not only that many psychics and intuitive in this group get something that will happen next year with the markets. Is it the collapse of the financial system as we know it? I don’t know. But I have been getting from my guides all the markets will be affected.

Here is part of the audio she sent me that I re-recorded for you to listen in along with my commendation as well. I am not wanting to cause concern. I just want to be on top of this information. Which I am with prediction high for October now for ages so even if you got out in November you would be sweet. Questions cashing into what is safe and where to safely store wealth.

 Please do not share this –

My Australian psychic friend she has premonition dreams and she has concerns, this is what she wrote me –  From Pris –

The tricky part about the cashing out…is in what form you cash out to…coz during all market crash (esp during Dec the 3rd turn of Saturn Pluto Uranus conj – grand finale)… if you put in cash..for example, AUD. There’s 2 risk….AUD value drops substantially n also the $150k cap (bail-in) per account.   Is swap to stable coin… USDC might be safer? than USDT?… will need to see during that time how the regulation are with the stablecoins….which one will survive. I believe during Dec market fiasco…its when the Deflation Monster starts.

So, there is much to work on and start to focus on here and now I hope you understand my concern!

Because this information is very important, well if you are just going to stay in the market and ride it out then it won’t be important for you. However, I am getting a feeling that will be quite risky as we don’t know what is a normal market looking like on the other side of this. Too many times I have ridden the market lower and not got out where I would have preferred to. Not this time, especially as the drop could be quite deep. Also, our economic environment could look quite different from anything we have ever seen before afterward.

I have been checking as you know with the percentages with each altcoin dropping. I look at this trying to see and get a feeling of how deep this market will drop. There is still so much more I need time to check and will continue to focus on this as a priority.

So please be assured I am looking at some of our favorite altcoins and rechecking them as well, I do this over a few days to make sure I get the same thing. So please be patient whilst I do this.

I am currently checking and taken an interest in XDC and Tfuel. I will have these readings soon.

Was told to buy XDC today by spirit. XDC, just like XRP and XLM hugely cloaked and manipulated coins put in place by the powers that be for massive runs I believe. This is all the discussion currently by the other psychics in my group of just how hard it is to read them. This indicates hidden for a reason something at play that could be incredibly beneficial for us in this run-up. I need to continue to check these 3 elite/gov controlled altcoins so we too can take advantage.

I want to ask you again please do not to share any of this information publicly or in any other groups. It’s very important. I am confiding in you and people are confiding in me and we are trying to piece together a puzzle that does not leave us shocked or unknowing in 2022. If you have any information you would like to share regarding secret market insights for 2022 I would love to hear. Note basic stuff you find on the internet tends to be ploys or setups/fluff, leading/distracting masses of unconscious to what’s really going on, are all part of the spiritual war and part of the breakdown of the financial institutions.

I know this post is a little more serious, lets just try to all be conscious and ahead of their game in this matrix, instead take massive advantage of it!

Blessings always Jule

Author: Jule

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  1. I think FIXED VALUE coins will be more prevalent in the coming days after the downturn. Perhaps this is why there is so much uncertainty in the future of some crypto. A fixed value coin makes more sense when it comes to currency, someone new to crypto doesn’t want to have less the next week when it just sits in his/her wallet. Anything similar to FIAT will be more acceptable to the general public. SLOW MOVING change. If a complete collapse of the financial market is being seen, we are definitely looking for the safe haven! We look to you Jule! Trust in your guides. It is great to have outside information, but don’t allow it to influence what you are getting from your own guides. You got this! Just a thought.

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