Spirit Press 31st July 2021

This is the final of the coin requests for the week or 24th July.

Bidao for EHHG

Currently 0.0174 at the time of read  with ATH of 0.046

Good energy? No but this is not a first time I have got this. My previous reads last year for Bidao where not great as far energy wise. Doesn’t mean you can’t make money out of it. Is it good energy and a high vibration sovereign project? No.  I was told not to buy last year and nothing ha changed for me on this one.

Is it a Good Investment ? 2021 – will get past ATH and reach 0.05 with a drop of around 80%

2022 will get to 0.35 and 2023 even better as it will shine $3.50  with a good longevity 2028

Not of high light resonance for highest intent of humanity No!

Alien worlds for Ange E another of not great energy. Currently 0.304 yes will get to 0.40

Good Energy ? No Good investment = No 2021 = No – $0.040, 2022 = Yes better at around $3 and 2023 I get it going sideways. Longevity to 2027 ……………….

Gaming it get it syphoning energy = Yes so not again of high intent.

Ok that’s all I have for you this week as it’s the weekend and as of 4 pm Saturday today we have gone into full lockdown again. So I went for lunch with friends to get out of the house for the last time until this is cleared again with gov. What crazy times we are in!

 I am taking some weekend downtime and hope you all will have a great weekend!

Blessings always Jule

Author: Jule