Spirit Press 30th July 2021

So today I ask again about BTC and don’t get it under 30k again. Still, a bit of drop from here coming and for altcoins similar a lower price may be had soon.

Looking at some coin requests today –

Xenon Pay for Samiali – Currently 0.00000005 with an ATH of .000002

Does this have good Energy? Yes and is it a Good Investment? No not in 2021 at least. The best I can get this one is back to ATH and to 0.000002 for this year.

 It does better in 2022 but 2023 will be its year whereby it develops real momentum. Getting past 0.80 then.

I get it staying around to about 2026 and maybe to 2027. Seems to have good numerology giving a clear light path.

DSLA Protocol for Yancy401 is currently 0.0047 and ATH of 0.02

Energy is OK, Good investment? 2021 I didn’t get as so 0.008 maybe to 0.009

 2022 does better at 0.05 and 2023 – sideways

Getting longevity to 2025          Not much else to say about this really.

Next is ALBT for Rosad27 and Inverclyde

ALBT is currently 0.31 with an ATH of 0.96 it will get back to an All-time high this year but that’s about all.

Is it a good investment? I get no for 2021 and 2022 but in 2023 it will be good.

Be here for a long time getting 2031. Has good numerology with high resonance it just needs some time this one.

Ok, I have asked about Tenx pay a couple more times since yesterday still not getting complete clarity but getting the information was not wrong. So, I have no idea, I am going to do a reading on Mimo the crypto the team is focused on now to see if I can get more info on that.

Thank you to those that listened to my last audio and reached out to communicate about it. I too thought it very powerful and was happy what I got from spirit. It was a big deal to share for me like that and not sensor it first. So, thank you! Appreciated the few who felt the connection, yes it was so beautiful.

Author: Jule

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  1. Thanks Jule for checking Xenon Pay. Just like to re confirm the price
    on 2023 as 0.80 will be crazy huge !!
    I need to confirm if it is 0.08 or as you wrote it = 0.80 ?
    Regards …
    Blessing .

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