Spirit Press 29th July 2021

Hi Beautiful Souls,

Taking a look at AMP for JimmyZen

AMP is currently 0.07 now at this read. ATH is 0.12

Good Energy, No sorry I didn’t get it as that. Good Investment – Maybe in 2021, In 2022 Yes a good investment. In 2023 No going sideways.

So yes back to an all-time high of 0.12 and past to 0.17 is all I got sorry for 2021. 2022 is better getting up to $1.70

Spirit said maybe could be good passive income. I didn’t know you could stake this but just looked it up and you can. Not sure how popular it is for staking.

Longevity for AMP is here in 2027

88MPH for Rocco ok this has me a bit intrigued as it is currently $34 .65 and only 3 months ago it was around $140. Its All-time-high is at $236.50 so this one is used to good big runs.

This does have Good Energy – Yes. It is a Good Investment – Yes

2021 – It gets past this year’s high and reaching around $200, not quite back to ATH but may spike close, great nonetheless.

2022 – it does even better getting $760.

2023 – will be its strongest year yet. Hitting $4400.

Longevity good here in 2030

So seeing something like this I am naturally curious if I should buy a couple now and I get- No from spirit for now. Which surprised me but I could only afford a couple anyway now. I did get to wait on this and buy it next year in the drop.

Dropping in the bear market time to around 55% which I confirmed the price of $80 – $90 dollars which is still a lot more than what it is now. Sometimes I get a tad bit annoyed with spirit when I do not get the answers, I want for myself. So, I asked further. It’s because there are others less expensive I should be focusing on now that will benefit me……………….. Also next year I will be in a very healthy position whereby $80 or $90 will not be much and able to buy a lot more. Very interesting I thought!

So this is one I think to keep in mind for when are mega-millionaires and we can get some to continue to grow our wealth later down the track.

Heads up because of the excellent prices I also looked at the numerology here – it has a Chaldean number of 33. The number of 33/6 is more focused on materialism and business. It’s also strongly focused on due diligence in business and a high level of integrity in business.

Ok, that’s all I have for you today re coin requests because I had spent a lot of time in meditation asking about the run and moves for next year in the previous post today titled – Spirit meditation Chat. I hope you listen to that in quiet time to really get the full benefit of that audio.

I still have coin requests – DSLA, Xenon Pay, Bidao, ALBT, and Alien worlds to do.

If I have missed any then you can pm me and let me know or tag my name in your post on Discord……….

I should get through more coin requests when I only focus on them only. But felt it beneficial to share the Spirit meditation Chat message with you all and sometimes when I sit in meditation that’s just what happens. Spirit wanted to have this conversation and put it as a priority today.

I will do a deeper dive into Kin tomorrow and spread the above request over the next 2 days. I just want to clear them so they are done this week, otherwise, I get behind. This weekend which I will not be posting but will next week again. Asked Spirit should I be topping up today and get no. Got yes for the weekend. Which makes sense as the market usually drops on the weekend. But need to sort what I am meant to be topping up on, so will look further to CR2 a bit more depending on time this weekend and next week.

Namaste blessings!

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