Spirit Meditation Chat

Spirit Meditation Chat 29th July 2021

So today another deep dive further into conversation with my guides. But this time I have recorded it for you to listen in too. This will give you great insight into my process and also, I hope to hear firsthand how the information flows but also upliftment to help you make decisions with what’s coming.

Having listened to this audio back, It is very difficult for me to share this with you because its like a peek inside the purest part of myself. As now I listen to it back, in my mental 3D analytical mind and fear sneaks in not to share the audio and instead write it out, just the important bits. During the process, it is easier the intent to share and the energy of being connected with my guides so clear and true, without judgment. I know Spirit wants me to share it just like this for your own unfolding and upliftment.

So, listen to this in a quiet space that you will be undisturbed. Because if you can sit in your own reflective meditation quiet space you will feel the energy as much as I did during the session.

Spirit and I discuss the wealth coming in and what will unfold for next year. Please copy & paste the link into your browser for it to open and listen.


Blessings always, Jule

Author: Jule

5 thoughts on “Spirit Meditation Chat”

  1. WOW! that was amazing Jule, thank you so much for sharing… You have a such a lovely voice… I definitely received the transmission from the 5 D. I felt the resonance through out my being, just giving me more confirmation from Spirit…. Love, Light and Prosperity

    • Thank you, Jimmy, I really appreciate you letting me know. So glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was a special channeling session too

  2. That was unbelievable !!!! Thank you for sharing that with the group ,I just hope I am one of the 75% that become wealthy …
    You are truly a gift to us from the spirit world !!!!!!

    Hopefully you can continue to do what you do for us !!

    Thank you Joseph

    • Thank you Joseph, really appreciate your message. I am sure you will be, your energy is just beautiful.
      Blessings always, Jule

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