Spirit Press 14th Aug 2021

Hello all, hope you are super well!

The last coin requests for this week. You are welcome to give me another 8 – 10 for next week and I will read those last ones. Please people who have not requested this is your last opportunity.   Starr has already given me ASS that would make 11 coins to read for next week. After that, I really want to focus a bit more on these wallets, exchanges, and Alts in reports.

So we TFuel for William47 At time of this read – 0.34 with ATH – 0.68

Does it have Good Energy? Yes

Is it a Good Investment? No

2021 –  is OK and back to ATH – 0.70

2022-  No I get this drops only about 50%

2023 – is OK getting to around 0.90 is all I get.

I get it has good energy but think it’s a further down-the-line one maybe.

Its longevity – 2030

Now we have Ryoshi Vision for Ben. Currently 0.000000081

Does it have Good Energy? Yes

Is it a Good Investment? Yes

2021 – Yes getting it getting to 0.0001

2022- Not so much! 80% drop here in the bear market for this one is what I get. Lays dormant for a while.

2023 -Recovers well and goes strong getting to 0.06

Its longevity – 2028

 DXsale – for VenusV  Sorry I have tried to read this twice and cannot read it.

I have to read this twice because what I am getting is conflicting with what’s actually happening right now with it.

Does it have Good Energy? No Is it a Good Investment? No Its what I get but could be wrong!

Its longevity – 2023 Look I could be wrong. This has happened before when I tried to read BNB was moving far to fast in the immediate timeline was near impossible to get any decent read on it.

Taking a quick look at DOGE  for FloridaDeby

Does it have good Energy? Yes, it is hard to read though. It’s one I keep getting a few different prices for. But the prices are 0.90 – $1.90 I am sorry I cannot narrow that down for you it because as I said I literally got 0.90 on one day checking it and the next day I got $1.90

Is it a Good Investment? Yes……………….. Come on you know it’s at least going to get back to its previous ATH, that’s quite obvious.

I feel things are really hotting up and an urgency coming. So if you coin request let’s make it good ones. I cannot wait to get more information on the unfolding. I feel like this is a really exciting time, it’s actually the Spiritual show we all came here to see in this lifetime. Meaning you incarnated into this life experience for the unfolding that is happening. We need to move above the fear of the crazy covid unfolding and see the bigger picture for what it is. Be positioned well and keep our vibes high as we have box seats!🤩

Have a great weekend!

Namaste blessings Jule

Author: Jule

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  1. We have box seats… I feel like I have been drifting in out of dimensions lately… Let us get out of this Kali Yuga… Yes rise above all fear base emotions..I have my champagne bottles ready… I love it!… Namaste

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