Spirit Press 17th Aug 2021

Hello all,

Ok here are some of the last coin requests. I am pleased to be finishing these up as I feel not only has my own interest reduced on different Altcoins information, so has spirits. Spiritual information comes for the highest good of humanity and not for those to make a quick buck, otherwise and I have said this before, Spirit could be delivering life learning lessons………… The reason why I say my own interest in Altcoins has wained is I am finding it harder and harder to keep the focus on what I want/try to read, what you want to be delivered (the questions answered on Altcoins) Instead my mind wonders, and I start getting unrelative information on everything else that’s unfolding in the world. So today I am reminded my own mission here at this time and am I walking the path to be of assistance at the moment as I could be. Possibly not.

Ok lets look at some Alts requests –

Australian Safe Shepard – ASS for Star444  does not rate at a price yet

Does it have Good Energy? = No

Is it a Good Investment? = Maybe

2021 – No, 2022 = No, 2023 = Yes

Its longevity – 2025

Function FX for Yancy at around 0.46 with ATH – $1.19

Does it have Good Energy? = No

Is it a Good Investment? = No

2021 – Maybe not quite ATH but close at $1.10 is what I get.

, 2022 = No, 2023 = No

Its longevity – 2024

Binance coin – BNB for Pommy Jay Currently around $426 and an All-time-high of

Does it have Good Energy? = No. This would be to the interpretation of good energy being benevolent 

Is it a Good Investment? = Maybe

2021 – Yes maybe energy here. Well, it gets back and maybe just past ATH so that’s good. So maybe $695 is what I am getting.

2022 = No not so much, get this dropping by 70%

2023 = Yes good, makes a great comeback, and gets to $1900 is what I got for it after all the crap is sorted out.

Its longevity – 2031 this will be around for a really long time.

I do get it’s going to have problems coming up the exchange though, like most exchanges coming up at the end of the year. So I will include here what I got for the Binance Exchanges.

Binance USA is not safe at all I got. Just got no from Spirit about this exchange.

Binance Exchange Europe is fine at the moment. I get it good for August, September, and October. I do not get it safe in November though as something is going to happen. It could be to do with the internet outages I am getting, that could be a possibility. But also hacking. So, when talking to spirit I got that people will lose crypto on it coming sometime in the timeline of November this will start. It’s not to say you may not eventually get it back but who wants to go through that drama and headache.  

It’s not the first time for my friend psychics to be getting danger for Binance exchange and I have heard this before, last year in fact, and I always checked it for myself. Had previously got fine and have always followed my own intuition on it for my own Binance wallet. I just get no this time and so I will not be leaving mine on there………. And well folks I have had crypto on Binance continually for over 3 years now with no problem at all, so that’s a big call for me………… I could also be out with my timing as Spirit knows no lineal time. However me personally I would prefer to be safe than sorry now with all the crazy unfoldings.

Ok, will leave it there and have some more for you tomorrow.

Blessings Jule

Author: Jule