Enchantment Affirmation

Enchantment AffirmationThe power of an enchantment. This enchantment is used with our Goddess Alchemy pendants. But you can use an enchantment incantation on any piece of jewellery you like.

So, what is an enchantment put into our Goddess Alchemy Pendants?

An enchantment is an energy intention we imbrue into the pendant before it leaves here relating to the word for the new owner to embody and wear the energy of that piece. So an energy blessing with your name will be put into the pendant before being wrapped up and shipped to you.


All jewellery carries energy especially if it has been worn every day, clairvoyant’s and readers can read this energy in the jewellery and it will have messages in it and stories to tell…… It makes sense that when you receive your Goddess Alchemy pendant that you open, accept and put it on with the energy intention that you wanted it for and why you purchased it in the first place…… Then it will be personally yours and imbrued with your own personal energy intention.

So, we suggest you say the enchantment affirmation before putting on the pendant.

Example of Enchantment for pendant – ENLIGHTENED

  (insert name)___________________________________ Ask to connect with my higher-self and the universe and I state my intention that I am powerfully conscious being. I am divine love & light connected to everything. am wisdom.  walk the earth with great knowledge to share. I shine my light and provide upliftment wherever I go.


We suggest you do this enchantment in a quiet space preferably before or after a meditation.

This enchantment has powerful statement words and those words, in particular, are the  “I AM” statements. “I AM” is by biblical texts and ascended masters acknowledge the word that states our divine connection to Christ consciousness. I AM WHO I AM That this signifies the Being and Coming-forth of all things in the universe.

You are welcome to change the wording or add to it to make it your own.


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Enchantment Affirmation

Author: Jule