NLP Anchor

NLP Anchor Are the method of putting an energy imprint memory /anchor of a good experience  on a gesture like  “holding to fingers together or rubbing an earlobe” and when you use that anchor technique the feeling experience of what you imprinted/anchored into that gesture when you most need it, it will remind your brain feeling body of the sensation and calm you into relaxed state… It is only used when needed when you are intense or nervous uncomfortable situations and you want to feel better. It changes your emotional body environment and is very powerful.

So this NLP anchor can be used on anything as an anchor tool but we can also use it on our Goddess Alchemy pendant as a powerful talisman.

How we do this is as follows and before we start we need to remember some important aspects to making this work properly are as follows –

Remember to use the NLP rule of Intensity, Timing, Uniqueness, Replicability and Number of times.


So intensity and Uniqueness we suggest using our Orgasmic Manifesting technique.    Of course, you can use other methods to get a positive memory feel very intense and positive. But our Orgasmic Manifesting technique taught within the Goddess Orgasmic Manifesting course on full details of how to do it with a much further explanation. But without this info right now we will give a brief example. You can just imagine how pleasurable and powerfully joyous getting close to orgasm and stopping then touching holding the pendant and enjoying being with the positive feeling. Which then covers timing, at the peak of the orgasm whether you chose to let go or not (doesn’t matter) hold the pendant and feel think of the joy and pleasure you feel and are experiencing, right at this peak experience place.

This is really powerful. So that the anchor experience is not all about feeling sexual make sure you place your thoughts on how relaxed you feel, place your thoughts not on your genital area but your base, heart, third eye and crown chakra area. In being base = secure area, heart=  love energy area, third eye = knowledge clarity and crown = wisdom and support from unity consciousness area.

This will certainly anchor your pendant with all that amazing energy and you then can call on it whenever you need it.

On to replicability and number of times. This is pretty easy and enjoyable to replicate and imbruing the anchor in a pendant is easy to touch and hold in public without any undue attention to touching self strangely. With timing, like anything the more you do something the better and stronger the effect. So stacking on top of this anchoring technique and not only doing the practice of it once but a few times make it more successful and powerful when you want to use as an Anchor talisman.  So make sure to stack on top of your anchor technique a f e w t i m e s.

I w i s h  y o u   we l l  a n d  h a pp y   an c h or i n g !  W in k   wi n k!

NLP Anchor

Author: Jule