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Words are energy, words carry an energy vibration within their intent.

Now we have all heard and probably experienced first-hand the power of words and intention. It’s predominately not the actual word but the intention behind the word that really carries all the energy.

So really you could say to someone “Oh you silly idiot” Now although these words are not very nice if spoken with the intent of light, happy harmless banter will do no harm and have no effect.

However, if the same words are spoken with anger and conviction of wanting to hurt someone then the energy of those words will be negative, hurtful and quite disruptive.

So it is all about the intent!

Now there is also the work Dr Masaru Emoto, who wrote many books but namely Messages from Water. Whereby he did an experiment with jars of water that he labelled with words on each jar.

He experimented with many words both positive and negative words. Labelled the jars and then had a group of people talk too/meditated or said prayers to imbue that jar with the word label…….. He then froze the water and viewed the water crystals under a microscope to see the effect the message energy had on that jar.

All of the positive words had beautifully formed crystals that had even formations and looked very beautiful. The negative words on the other hand had formations that were Brocken, sharp and uneven and did not at all resemble anything nice at all. You can see all his pictures on the crystals if you research it further.

So since we are made up of 70% water we also can easily hold the energy of words and intent.

These experiments have also gone on to be made by many on YouTube using cooked rice in jars which shows these experiments as depending on the word written on the jar and then intent said to the jar over a period of a month or so. Determined whether the jar went rancid or not.

The jar not going mouldy for the positive word and going very mouldy for the negative jar. A very interesting experiment to establish the power of words.

Not that I needed the experiment to prove to me of the powerful intent of words as I have experienced quite first hand as a child the negative intent of words over a period of time…I’m sure like many, you will remember a time that something not nice was said to you and how its effect resonated in a painful way throughout your body.…..Of course negative word energy is not nice and destroys. Imagine the impact over a long period of time, it certainly is soul destroying. Which is why I had to learn how to reprogram my mind over again from the damage that was caused in early life, why I became a coach in the first place with the need to retrain my brain and rebuild my spirit.

So the power of words is a definite…..The powerful intent behind the word is also of primal importance.


The power of words is a definite but also the energy intent behind the word can make that words energy travel further. See more on the amazing power of words on the blog post or Youtube.

These Goddess pendants also come with both a enchantment affirmation and an NLP instruction on how to make this talisman your anchor for upliftment when you need it. See blog post on Enchantment affirmation and NLP anchor.

Why silver?  Not only the beauty of silver, but it is affordable for everyone and silver carries special spiritual meaning. Not only is silvers energy effect on us calming and soothing, it reflects negative energies, but it also opens up our intuition, strengthens it and our psychic abilities.

It also aids in bringing wealth and abundance if one understands how to work and bend energy for creating. So the energy of silver and pure 925 silver is powerful if you allow it to be. Again, it is your belief and energy intent behind anything that makes it hold power and work……

Just like the law of attraction states, if you are a skeptic and don’t believe it to be true, you are absolutely right in your own reality it won’t be true…….Also just like the placebo pill if believe it will work it will. Throughout history we have given power to many objects and while all fibers hold energy natural objects hold it stronger, purer and cleanly.

Not only is it beautiful but it is also a statement to the world of your understanding, awareness, belief and consciousness. You could say, an almost a, hear me roar!

I am not to be denied anymore…. I am putting this statement out to the universe telling everyone and continually reminding myself of the real me. So if you do end up investing in one of these Alchemy pendants, wear it with heart conviction and strength. Then it will serve you well!

One of the tools I use and wear every day is my pendant that has the word LOVE on it…….. It is most certainly imbued with love energy, universal love light energy. I meditated that intent into this personal piece I wear each day.  Also, when I look in the mirror I see my pendant and get the same love reminder……..This is an incredibly powerful NLP anchor for me as it is reassuring, comforting and a reminder of my connection.


Goddess Alchemy Pendants certainly are divining tools!


Goddess Alchemy Pendants –

Love –  universal love light energy, a reminder of love, that you are loved, to give out love to the world and love makes the world go around.

Blessed –  appreciative, a reminder of gratitude, that I am so blessed, of forgiveness and bless beyond measure. You would look at everything in the world and our earth as a blessing.

Unlimited –   understanding of universal energy and how powerful you are, a reminder of your connection to source, that you can do anything, to remind others they too are unlimited they have just forgotten they are.

Empowered –  same as unlimited except you on ethereal level direct energy, a reminder of how powerful and conscious you are, able to empower others and send energy out to the world.

Goddess – similar and with all aspects of empowered but directed with the Goddess divine feminine energy, Embracing divine feminine on all planes and energy levels, a reminder of how female and powerfully conscious you are, able to empower others and send Goddess love nurturing energy out to the world.

Conscious One – awake, aware, finetuned and connected to everything, you walk on the earth with trust and eyes open, clear and with light foot-print, a statement to the world of your awareness.

Enlightened – similar as conscious one, awake and connected to everything, your wisdom is vast and varied, walk on the earth with great knowledge to share, You help people wake up and evolve.

Namaste –  the spirit in me acknowledges/sees the spirit in you, to respect, is to honour the universal light force in others, meaning we are all one, we are all connected.


If you would like to suggest a word, lets us know by contacting us.

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The Power of Words – Goddess Alchemy Pendants



Author: Jule