spirituality and freedom – Judgement cripples

Now we have been raised to be guided by our parents to make good judgements in life. And yes a quality perhaps to be admired if a person has good judgement meaning they make the correct decisions at critical points in life and this can serve them well.

But like anything in life judgement should be used in moderation. It can also cripple and cause fear, for fear of making the wrong decision because growing up most, have not be given encouragement to make your own decisions because they may have had parents that are very judging and have made most of their decisions for them.

So generally we have all grown up being judged too much and which then cripples us to make our own decisions easily out fear. Some, of course, effected more than others but generally, it can take years well into adulthood to finally build your own trust in self-confidence in this area………

What about having lack of guidance and judgement this has you raised in a way to find your own and learn from media about the rights and wrongs in life. As society, government and media are major judgement barriers that keep us within our threshold of what is right and wrong.

I am not here to say we should be without judgement and live a lawless society but most of the judgement placed on us from our governments, society and media, they most certainly do not come from a heart space for your best and highest intent. No, it is instead to keep people in fear and under control.

When everything in society and media is pointing out problems and drama, if allowed to consume us and add to it especially with advertising will leave you feeling insecure and incomplete.

They are certainly not telling you, you don’t need anything and you are perfect and complete. So you don’t need to buy this product! Or you don’t need this medicine.

No, unfortunately, we live in a society set to find problems through its judgement that something must be wrong, so if we seek to find a problem you will find it (LOA), so now best sell you something to solve it, whether it is for your best interest or not.

Having all of us, grown up in this society and especially now with social media, we have this tendency to all want to jump on the bandwagon and be judge and jury. We all have an opinion and whether it is right or just or for the highest good, just seems to be irrelevant.

So judgement seems to run rampant in our society of everyone needing to have an opinion. Uniting as well that if it is not something that has been mutually agreed by society as acceptable we can judge, ridicule and condemn without much thought. Therein lays the fear for bestowed judgement to fall harshly on one.

So being so judgy can turn around and shoot you in the foot! Females have a tendency to be judged quite harshly more than males on their behaviour. Fair or not, it is a fact.

It again controls us and helps us stay neatly within our confines where we fear not doing anything different from the norm. And worst still we can get on our judgy high horses and judge other women for behaviour we deem not appropriate for a female whether we know the circumstances of the individual or not.

A lot of the time I think we judge thoughtlessly and don’t realise that it can have an impact on others lives. Group mentality of negative judgement bears the worst as can be likend to bullying.


Spiritually speaking judgement is not a good thing.

As spiritual beings, we are guided to take a higher perspective and don’t judge others..

The without judgement also allows people to be themselves without fear and feel stronger in their own value and worthiness. Being non-judgmental also means allowing, acceptance and forgiveness again bringing you closer to your own divinity.

So it is an incredibly powerful stepping stone towards your spiritual self and living a conscious life.

Don’t underestimate this very powerful (sometimes negative) thought process (that’s all it is a thought process that has been learned.) As we try to step out of judgement of the right or wrong.

But as you do get more out of judgement you will come into more of allowing and just what it, is! I think your mind tends to open more and be less restrictive of self and others.

So on the topic of thought processing and judgement. If you are doing anything new you have never done before judgement will most certainly come up. So, learning a new skill, any kind of training and self-development. Like our brain re-training audios will have your mind in judgement if you allow that to happen…..

Try to stay in the allowing and accepting of it all because it opens the mind up. Hell, it opens you up to grow, acceptance and the bigger world at large!

So be conscious of that judgmental voice within yourself because it is just fear of the new, fear of change. Fear of how potentially amazing you really are if you get out of the fear judgement.

Hence the personalized audios do take out any judgement straight away because they are customized exactly to your taste. So if you are quite picky about what you listen too and how you would like your re-training audios to be, Then I strongly suggest that personalized is the way to go for you.

Judgement, after all, is a learned behaviour and perspective that we can unlearn and be more conscious about. I am advocating openness. Acceptance and open-heartedness. This equals spiritually awake and conscious!

Judgement cripples spirituality and freedom


Author: Jule