The importance of listening to your inner being

The importance of listening to your inner being

Warning this content might be a bit R-18

Being aware of the imprints that come up when something that happens in your life triggers another memory to the front of mind. The very need not to ignore what is happening and being triggered again is an indicator that you need to heal past wounds and transmute that energy out of your body.

This is very much an energy imprint of something that needs to be cleared.  My story below of recent trigger that bought up an energy imprint within me and how I cleared and transmuted that energy.

So, this is what happened to me just recently –  I was with a lover and we had just woken up in the morning. We had had sex the night before and it was enjoyable and fulfilling for both of us. We had slept all night and woken in the morning and this lover attempted to wake me, he touched and woke me up by caressing my hips and bottom then directing directly for my genital area from behind. Even though I was not really interested in it or not even awake I allowed the penetration because I did not want to cause a problem because I knew this lover would not understand the rejection. My body was not ready for the interaction and so it was not overly comfortable for me, but it didn’t harm me physically except for a slight uncomfortableness and none the less the action went ahead. This triggered in me great conflict.  Afterwards and for days later this interaction echoed in my mind…….. It also bought up another energy imprint of a negative experience I had had previously experienced when I was younger about being taken against my will sexually.

This imprint was at the forefront of my mind for days and really affected my energy levels both physically and emotionally for days afterwards. I could not shake it, I could not get rid of it and even though my imprint of the past was what I had thought I had healed and moved past it I had not.

My past incidence occurred when I was unconscious and so I only have very slight memory imprints of it so I thought it was not a big deal. I have always been incredibly thankful for the fact that I was unconscious at the time of it as it didn’t leave a major impact on me at the time. In fact, I have gone through most of my life without an effect on me, until just recently. But the more important thing was the betrayal I had experienced from an adult whom I trusted to protect me that instead encouraged and allowed it to happen. This betrayal was more hurtful than any actual memory of the incidence I think because I was at such a young and vulnerable time in my life when it happened………. So I understand the betrayal experienced then was also like a betrayal I experience now, of myself letting myself down and allowing something to occur that was not what I really wanted. Wow massive insight for myself!

So how did I clear it and transmute it?

By being really conscious of what was being triggered, not ignoring it. Going into the energy of it. Being in heart intention meditation with it. Allowing it to come up in the meditation so I could send it love and healing. Forgiving myself for any unconscious or conscious allowing of the experience past and present. Asking for help from my guides and higher self to transmute the energy imprint out of my body and let it go. Thanking my consciousness, source energy for the awareness to let it go. And lastly, by writing about this, it has also released it out!

This process may need to be done a few times to really transcend your vibration on the subject especially if it is an intense vibration that you have had for a long time.

None of this by no means makes me whole and healed or complete and perfect or finished…. Oh no, I will continue to get imprints that will come up and even as writing this I feel another. And that is the number of times I let myself down when I was younger……….Back to meditation I go!

All of it is just to make us stronger, wiser, live a happier, more aligned and integrity life.

We are a spiritual being living a human existence and so are a work in progress!

So ask yourself are you listening to your body, the imprints that come up in your life, no matter big or small? We all experience them but sometimes life is too busy to listen or we don’t want too. Or don’t know how to deal with them….. It makes a massive difference to heal and release these imprints otherwise you will continue to get triggers or worse major upheavals in your life until you do acknowledge them.

Yes, they are our story of what happened to us, but they do not define us. We do not have to hang on to these stories, we can instead really allow them to be seen, be conscious of them, don’t turn away, ignore or push down inside yourself. Bring it up and out to your conscious thought so you can heal you. Do not delve into the pain memory that may keep you blocked and locked within it but instead send forgiveness energy wise to any of the emotions you are feeling around it. Question and send compassion to yourself about these emotions around the memory for the person you are now and the person you were then when it happened.

You are in denial if you think by ignoring or forgetting about a pain memory that it will not keep coming up into your life in some shape or form until you have really dealt with it. So I say to go inside of it and help it release so you are able to transcend at a vibration that does not have hiccups that will hinder your progress.

To help with healing & re-programing the I LOVE my Body meditation open-eyed alchemy meditation will get you on the path to heal and self-love if it is a wound that is deep………This is free by joining our mailing list on the front page at the bottom of the page.

Sending you love & light on your journey,



Author: Jule