The 5 Tibetan Rites

The 5 Tibetan Rite Exercises

This post is about the 5 Tibetan Rites and why I love them so, I have already covered in the video below intro I did on them. However, I did want to cover some info on the exercises that I didn’t cover about the benefits that I was not clear in the video alone.

The main reason for doing these 5 Rites over other exercise but not counting out yoga is the fact that these Tibetan Rites have been known for moving chi and anti-ageing.  The original book dated 1939 about the discovery of the monks called ‘The Eye of Revelation’ describes five physical movements, using breath, mantras and diet recommendations.

So set the ant-ageing aside for a moment and think about the exercises in relation to building chi vibrational energy in the body. The combination of the stretching, movements opens and allows the flow of chi energy to move through the whole body in the directions of what is needed to build good health and life vitality. Because it is continuous movement it is the flow of the energy so it flows and builds. Unlike other exercises or postures that you hold for a few moments, this is in the flow and it is the movement and stretch which allows energy to get throughout your body to open up all your energy centres, meridians, nadis and chakras. Also, we have far more than 7 chakras in our body, we have chakras within and without our whole body and there is 114 chakras……….. Now just think how amazing that is and how amazing the mechanisms of your body are. And that’s why if you gain knowledge and practice to nurture your body, mind and spirit you are undoubtedly a very powerful being.

So by practising these Tibetan rites you are effectively opening, cleaning, clearing stagnant energy which in turn not just for the physical exercise part of it and that, of course, should not be understated the benefit but you are helping yourself ethereally also which will continue to help with your conscious expanding and unfolding spiritually also keeping you young and healthy. This should not be underestimated because blocked energy centres over a long length of time will have an influence on our bodies and eventually dis-ease will manifest.

Video why I think they are great!

So let’s go over the 5 Rite exercises – Now I suggest go at your own pace and build up to the 21. You don’t have to do the full 21 every day.

The first rite exercise is the Spinning, it is a standing pose which promotes emotional stability & strength and aids you in being well balanced and centred.  It also greatly accelerates your spiritual consciousness. You find a focus or drishti point and use that to help stop yourself from becoming too dizzy as you spin around. and around 21 times. So why spinning? In spirituality, through times Sufi Dervishes spin for ages in a trance-like state to elevate themselves to higher enlightenment. It does produce balance in the body, open chakras and clear pathways to better health and happiness. So go spin I say!

The second rite exercise is basically what I call leg lifts and well I think it most definitely strengthens the stomach area and the core. Suggest to put your hands at the base of your bottom area to protect the spine when doing the lifts. This makes you feel stronger and more grounded.

The third rite exercise is the Kneeling Backbend really stretches the spine. I suggest supporting your lower spine by placing hands on again below the bottom so as you lean back you are being supported by your arms and hands. This rite lifts mood, reduces stress, depression and anxiety. It energetically opens you up and allows you to experience a greater perspective.

The fourth rite is done from sitting with arms next to you and hands placed at the side to lifting into tabletop position this is a pose of stretching as the head goes back to look behind you and creating stability, grounding and strength.

The fifth rite finally and the last pose is downward dog into cobra/upward dog is an inversion which increases energy and the chi is now flowing throughout your whole body giving you a sense of accomplishment and of well-being.  Making you feel powerful and motivated!

Below a video demo on doing the 5 Rites –


Author: Jule