Hi All,

Just wanting to give an update…… I have been away for a long time as have been processing so much with this planetary energy the last few months. With the retrogrades and solar eclipses have been hitting me left right and centre. An illness predominately has very much affected me and blocked me immensely.  I have spent time hibernating, very reclusive compared to my normal self and just so blocked in my creative flow which is very unusual for me. So unusual that I found it quite frightening because I am an incredibly creative person and normally it just flows out of me abundantly with new ideas and things I want to try and do. But no none of that, it was all gone for a while.

I think a lot of it as well, was to do with the ill health which was Arenal Fatigue bought on by too much stress or predominately having a stressful person in my life. This person now is gone, my energy is clear and lighter yay! But I have certainly had to heal myself both physically, mentally and ethereally.

You’re probably thinking what do you mean mentally and ethereally?

Well yes, you have to heal the physical for sure but all dis-ease manifests itself because it has been in your mental and energy body first.

So I had to clear my thinking with this person, Understand my own desires and accountability in the relationship. Forgive him and myself for the damage that was caused. Let go of the dream of what could have been. Then I had to also cut cords and let go of all attachments on the etheric level. I have to do a more extensive blog on this.

So Now I am feeling myself again, energy flowing, passionate again about life, very creative again, my health feeling better than ever, so much stronger, in fact, I think that I needed this eye-opening to my health at how healthy I really was. Controlling my health through natural supplements and food is certainly the best way to go. I will also share later on the methods and health ideas, supplements I used to heal but not only that continue to use for anti-ageing.

So yeah, I’m back and so happy to be so!

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Author: Jule