All Emotions matter

I think it’s such a one-way stigma society puts on emotions. We love seeing them when we see them in a positive manner in a kind and loving way. Like when a couple is in love and the guy proposes or when someone has done a good deed like on a good news story or a feel good, heart-wrenching reality show, we love seeing the good emotions. And yes, I get it that’s great, I love seeing those things too as it reminds us we are all human and all the same. Brings us closer in a way. We also love to see the happy and the excited emotions as some think it will rub off on them and pick their energy up. It does for a time, just like a feel-good movie does.

But what about the shunned emotions that are considered taboo like anger, rage, despair, grief and all the so-called negative emotions that society predominately frowns upon. The ones we have been trained out of allowing to experience as a young child to try to get out of as soon as possible because they are unacceptable. I think it’s a very interesting phenomenon to see people get emotional on TV and apologise for their behaviour because they think it is deemed unacceptable or weak. I think that’s quite sad really!

Look I’m not encouraging bad behaviour or saying that it’s ok to not manage your negative behaviour in a mature way. I’m not making a justification for more bad behaviour at all but instead stating that all emotions, positive and negative are a part of us. We live in a duality matrix timeline, like yin and yang there is always two sides. All emotions are part of our being. And when we deny, or are not allowed to express our emotions but instead feel ashamed about our emotions, we are not healing those aspects of ourselves but instead just creating more dark shadow aspects of self that we have pushed down and squashed. This is creating more denial and damage within the soul-being.

Really it is only in the last twenty years that society has come to the realisation we are not our emotions, even though we still get labelled that way sometimes. Like for example, someone might be saying in a conversation, “Oh you mean the angry guy” or that girl in the office that is really emotional. Sad too to be labelled that way with emotions and too not have the open grace and understanding that they are just one aspect of us as human.

I often wonder about people that are emotionless to and I have met a few them myself or the people that only ever allow themselves to range in a small range between mediocre emotions. Perhaps they had their emotions hurt and stripped away in childhood so find it comfortable to live life in a numbed mediocre land.  Like they never experience ecstatic happiness or have had raging anger or if they are feeling that anger they certainly suppressed it. Does it make you wonder too, that perhaps those are the unsuspecting types that all of a sudden become murders? I don’t know but you hear comments like “that was so out of character”. I wonder, I don’t know but do know these people have certainly eventually lashed out because of not being heard, suppressed in some way.

You can tell I have always experienced both extreme ends of that spectrum in my own emotion and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel alive, to experience emotion in its full extreme is to feel alive and be conscious of living in your being. Now grant you the fact it is not great to be in raging anger but if you do then it is important you acknowledge you are, not, of course, direct it at anybody else or yourself for that matter but instead just sit with it allow it to roll through and past you. Like deep sadness and despair, acceptance is the key to moving through. You can, of course, keep it going if you so chose too with your thinking, but we don’t want that, instead let it go, process it with positive self-talk and let it go. Parents of children should be guiding children to accept all their emotions in a healthy manner, not squash them but give them time to process them and move through the emotion because kids don’t know how to do this on their own.  As we age I think we master more which is great to master the emotions but who in their right mind would want to master or suppress the positive ones.  But as older adults do seem to end up dulled down by life,  they seem to be reserved for the youth to show pure joy, excitement and love of life.

So yes again, I think it’s a very curious thing emotion and how we are trained in what is acceptable and what is not. I think like many things in life the media has a lot to answer for, that nasty mind-numbing box we find life in, sometimes more exciting than our own. But it is sad how they tend to joke and put down emotion at time….. I think it’s truly freeing to let go of others judgement, instead to honour and use your own when it comes to your emotion. Did you know being in touch with your emotion is the pathway to enlightenment and true spirituality?

All emotions are a part of our being, it is our soul’s journey to master these emotions to move through them. To transcend up the emotional vibrational ladder to higher reality. Processing negative emotions held suppressed within our being is called accessing our shadow self and processing it to go through a dark night of the soul can if you stick with it bring you out the other side more open, freer and far clearer happier person. The person then ends up progressing on their spiritual path, which tends to put everything in perspective and ends up being the most important thing in life because it leads to true happiness and contentment.

What about spiritual people? When you look at spiritual people with sheer joy and happiness beaming from their being, true beaming and not in a fake way. True spiritual wisdom with joy beaming from someone’s aura is a sight to behold. It’s like a magnet others are drawn too. When someone is pretending to be happy but deep inside they really are not, they will not have this energetic glow. There are many trying to fake it to they make it as they have been told they need to do this to manifest, or spewing the positive talk hoping it will rub off. Great to pick yourself up with some positive stuff. However, not without either lot of hard work, or brain retraining and processing dark shadow work to come through to really be authentic in self can a persons soul radiate and shine. The soul body doesn’t lie.

We all experience happiness and contentment at times if life is going good and things are going our way but wouldn’t it be nice to be a master of it all!

Well, that’s all I have time for tonight, I hope you found this food for thought.


Author: Jule