The Relationship Cut

Relationships and when you know you have to let go

Talking today about the need to let certain relationships go out of your life. Whether it is love or friend relationships, I am a big believer you should let relationships go that do not serve you in your life for the better or your highest good. I’m quite strong and hard and fast on this now at this point in time in my life. However, though I don’t let a relationship go without lots and lots of thought going into making the decision to cut ties. First seeing if it is something about the relationship that I don’t like that I need to learn from and work on myself. Something that perhaps this person is in my life to help me learn a certain aspect of understanding about myself or way to be in the world. Sometimes I also see a relationship that I get value from this person’s connection as far as fun and joy, but they really bring no maturity/ depth/ spiritual life understanding. These relationships are fun for when they are needed but I know them for what they are as just that only.  At times many don’t have the desire to seek spiritual knowledge of life and I see it as perhaps my role to guide them ever so gently on their path. But never by preaching and only ever by them just knowing me will give them the inclination to want to grow and evolve. Which is tricky sometimes when I myself am not always the most grounded person on the planet lol. However, I still see that the universe has delivered them into my life for a reason. So, it’s my role as a lightworker just to be uplifting to them and light the way if they are open to that.

We do learn from all relationships of course and that’s why both positive and negative relationships do ultimately serve our growth in some way. They say those difficult love relationships are called your soulmate contracts because they not only bring an intense amount of love and emotion but they also bring with them very important spiritual path life lessons for both parties upon their journey in life. This is your soul growth, The if, it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger, the statement made at the end of a difficult relationship. Yes, you could have done without the pain but it evolved your soul if you are open enough to know that that’s what happened. Not just on a logical mind level but on a soul level, the wisdom attained.

So, once you believe you have learnt a lesson from a negative relationship or decided you have looked at the relationship from every angle and the possibility of the behaviour of the person, whether they can change the behaviour or not, does the behaviour have an effect on my person, body, being on all levels and are they changing and growing. And this is important because a lot of abusive relationships are not physical or mental but can have an effect on psyche which penetrates our being on all levels. So, if that is subtle in negative will eventually wear down a person’s strength, character, belief in self and empowerment. Which will eventually manifest as damage to the person receiving it in some form in their body for example mistrust, fear, doubt or even eventually illness.

This underlying and very dangerous manipulative energy whether the person doing knows they are doing it intentionally or not is very damaging over a long period of time. It’s a really big one as too many people, what seems like a good relationship on the outside may look healthy. However, partners words may sound supportive and say positive things but their subtle actions speak otherwise. When so closely involved with someone and intense caring emotions are involved there is a tendency to only hear what we want to hear and not pay attention to the other persons’ actions. They could be not showing up when needed or show jealousy, insecurity actions but the words are positive. Which is incredibly confusing when we really like someone a lot.

It’s a major learning curve to stop and really look inside and ask yourself how is this person and the connection with this person really make me feel about myself? Are they saying one thing and then their actions are not representative of putting you in the high regard that they say they have for you?

And then there is the thing of just emotionally damaged people.  They are everywhere, they are all of us in one way or another unless you process and truly work through things. It is no excuse to stay in that place and accept your lot of emotional pain. Unless you choose to be in a state of hopeless, helpless lack of growth and evolving. Some just cannot be bothered to look inside, lack the time commitment and accountability to move themself forward.  Or don’t place it in high enough importance in life which means they prefer in one aspect of their lives the victim like role still as its safe. Many are just in denial that they need to grow self at all. It takes strength and courage to evolve ones being, deal with the ego and monitor self to keep one’s vibration high and clear so you will eventually have all your LOA connections be ones of empowerment for you. It’s why we are here on the earth in the bloody first place. So many forget that, wish not to acknowledge it so live mediocre lives. Numbed down chasing only material and low energetic things in life like sex. monetary possessions and buzz experiences in life. Then wonder why they are not truly content and happy!

So yes I have realised in the past year or two I have certainly cut a few peoples relationships out of my life….. At times I thought I am harsh myself, what’s wrong with me for doing that but realise I would not grow to where I attain to be if I stayed in that relationship, no matter the friendship or care for the person because I want growth, truth and to be the best I can be.  And it really does depend on the relationship of course as well, like how much it has an impact on your time in your life. If it’s a major one and very close one then yes if it is not positive and good on all levels then I have had to let it go. I see it for not my highest good and that even though there is aspects of it I enjoy if I am spending a lot of time and energy giving to that person and it’s not returned, it does not serve me in the highest way. But, Instead, I find myself needing to be numb down to the person I really am to keep that relationship afloat then yes I have had to cut it lose………… I have a lot of superficial relationships still and I understand that is just the way the person is, they cannot, or refuse to allow true opening of self to another and these people are fine in small doses and as acquaintances. Seems sad really when I reflect now but you came here to truly connect and grow as a being. Most are not connecting authentically or think they are at a certain superficial level. That is just where they are at the moment.

Anyway, to finish what I am saying about relationships, cherish them if they are good for you, fun and serve you, allow you to grow as they, of course, go through stages. Ups and downs are a part of life and relationships, we don’t always have to agree but a healthy relationship is one when the two find, strength, growth, communication and understanding with each other.

I am certainly not attaining to the relationship has to always be agreeable to you but more so that the energy you experience with keeping the relationship does not damage your personal knowledge and growth so far on your journey. Negative experiences in relationships can help us grow and make us stronger but only if both parties are moving and conscious enough to grow emotionally and develop. In the case of a very close relationship like love relationship or very close friends if the growth is not at all considered. You feel your soul-being getting more and more chipped away and damaged from the interactions of the relationship. Then you really know you have to either cut ties altogether or at least in case of just friendships you can make more distance in the relationship.

And if you find yourself having to cut some relationships lose, then find strength in knowing that you care for yourself and your own well-being more. That’s a good thing, that is growing on your behalf, that you chose to evolve and not stay and put up with what is currently offered to you. It’s positive and you are well on your journey in this lifetime to personal empowerment.

Much love always,


Author: Jule