Spirit press 30th June 2021

Lets look at a few more Altcoins I read today –

Difichain for Manoj

Difichain decentralised blockchain platform – currently $2.27  Has Good Energy. Is not a good Investment though, not yet! Not really in great prices in 2021, it may get to around $9 but it drops under $1 in the next drop crash time. It does recover well in 2022 taking it too $17

I get the it will only be around short – medium term. About 3 years.

Ecomi – OMI for Shubee99

OMI currently 0.0021 is good Energy. Good investment not so much. Not in 2021, it doesn’t move much especially considering the climate will only get under the 0.01……….. Yes it is much better in 2022 and gets to around 0.19. Is a med – long term altcoin getting 2028.

I should put on the list to buy a bit, more longer term though.

Cocoin for FundamentalEDU  

COCOIN This one is not priced 0.000000000  it does have good Energy, Good Investment, No sorry, not this year. The end of 2022 starts to get some movement and could reach 0.02. It will be around for some time 2028.

Looking forward to personally speak with you soon via Discord.

Blessings Jule

Author: Jule