Spirit Press 29th June 2021

Oh, dear we are back in lockdown here, not as bad as some of the world but none the less no freedom or not much fun!

I know I have thanked you in Discord for your support and understanding with my move and then getting the flu. But I am such a big believer in appreciation as it goes a very long way to bring un to thee the unfolding of universal blessings. And well I just feel it daily! So now that I am feeling more settled, having time to actually organize my life on more levels now……………… And so, I just go with the flow of unfolding…………… The unfolding is – To reach out to all of you on Discord personally, this will happen slowly over the next few days and month to all you beautiful Platinum Soul members. Why you ask? Its my way of personally connecting with you, showing my appreciation for you and seeing if there is anything I can assist you with personally.

I have already done this with a couple of members, I have had personal contact as they reached out to me. Whether it is my wisdom or one question you would like me to ask Spirit on your behalf I will add it to my meditation time and relay the answer when I get it, back to you via pm…… I will start these as my timing allows, I will contact you, you do Not need to contact me. This will happen slowly starting with the latest renewed members of the 21st June onwards……………. If you don’t have anything and you just want to say Hi, then that’s fabulous too!

Ok, lets look at some requests –

Akita and another look. I pretty much get the same thing. It does have good Energy yes. Yes it is a good Investment. However, 0.004 is the highest I get for it in 2021. It will drop majorly in the next crash/drop time but does recover well to 0.03. I can only get longevity at medium tern for this around 4 yrs.

GZIL – Goverance token for Zilliqa. This one is currently $96.10 It is a good Energy. Good investment? No. Not so much because of liquidity. Its not really meant to be a investment. It’s a use is where its value is.

Burger Swap this is currently $3.84 Yes this is good Energy, and Yes this is a good Investment. Spirit does like this one! Getting to around $9.40 this year 2021, it does drop around 70% in the end of year drop going into early 2022. Burger has great very strong recovery next year 2022, getting to around $77 which is huge for this one. This one has medium longevity in around 5 yrs.

Basic Attention Token – BAT – I have got told today to top up on this one. Spirit confirms today when asking about it again, that yes it does get to the prices in CR 1 in fact for this year will get to about $39. It drops by 60% and recovers really well in 2022.

I really love it when I recheck blindly on a project with no idea or price or drop (my memory is not that great lol) and I get so close to the same thing. This for me is just more confirmation and I love it when this happens.

Ok, beautiful Souls, I will be in touch slowly to say hello on Discord soon! If you have not given us your registered site name along with corresponding Discord addy, please do ASAP. Don’t forget Discord links do expire and so to get the latest 7 day link you will get it here in Private pages pinned Discord access. I update that weekly.

Hope you enjoyed my latest video and are spellbinding your abundance in your life! Have a blessed week!

Blessings always, Jule

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