Spirit Press 28th June 2021

Hi all, hope you are all well where you are!

Looking at Hydra, Elongate and Ushiba today.

Hydra today when I looked at it was around $27.20 Proof of Stake Hydra I got has good Energy. Is it a Good Investment? Maybe, not so much this year. It will reach around $55 this year, however, it drops down around 70% this is probably why Spirit is not giving me a good investment at the moment……. 2022 will be better for it. So asking and it will drop to around $15 in the drop/crash after reaching around $55. Remember Spirit is not a mathematician and so prices are not final. Happy to report it recovers very well and will reach around $126 in 2022 highs.

Elongate – Built on Binance chain from Elon Musk influence. At read about 0.00000006. Does it have good Energy? No is it a good Investment? No The best I get for it in the run up next year 2022 is around  0.008 – 0.01 But it’s a long shot, some liquidity with the hype but be careful! I got longevity for it – 2 yrs tops.

American Shiba – USHIBA – 0.00000000 Good Energy? No, Good Investment? Maybe – OK, Yes, some money to be made. Get it will get to around 0.01 2021 and drops around 80% in the next crash to recover to 0.05 in 2022. However, this will only be medium term. Spirit says can make some money but need to be ready to cash out. The liquidity should be there.

Ok will be back tomorrow with some others.

Blessings all!

Author: Jule

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  1. Thank you for the Ushiba reading. The price is very low right now so if you can buy in bulk, you could realize some great gains at the projected price of .01.

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