Spirit press 26th June

Hi All, hope you are well!

Ok yesterday I forgot SafeMoon Cash –

So, I am getting the same information on SafeMoon Cash. Currently 0.00000000 showing on Coingecko.  This does have good Energy yes! Is it a Good Investment, No, not yet! Not at the moment anyway. Most likely not until the end of 2022 am I getting it will become a better investment. It will be around for a while. But especially now has no liquidity.

Ok and why am I bringing you Swipe – SXP because This is a growing project with great potential and I looked at it out of curiosity myself .

This one is quite a popular one, in respect to others talking about it, does have good Energy as well. This is a good one and can get it easily being on Binance and other major exchanges.  Good investment Yes and No! Well, that’s because it’s an even better investment next year. Currently, at $1.78 this will be around a long time. I get it getting to around $7.50 this year 2021 in the run-up. However, It will drop in the next drop coming under $1 and then in 2022 Spirit says it will get to $28. So, this would be a good one to wait and invest in, in the next drop coming. Perhaps after having realized some gains elsewhere, sell and wait to buy in for this run for next year.

Shiba Inu – SHIB 24th June 2021

I had read this one before only briefly, this was back a couple of months ago when everyone was shouting to buy it and it was all the rage. Back then I kept getting No from Spirit for me not to buy. This was incredibly frustrating and I was thinking why, everyone else is getting into it and I know other psychics also liked it a lot……. Many psychics had said yes great investment, money to be made on it. I also got good Energy and money to be made but when I asked if I should buy I got No. So frustrating then because I did not know why.

So now I do, because of this drop that’s occurred prices for it are now lower than what they were say 6 weeks ago back in early May. Only just recently when asking did I get the yes to buy Shiba, so I thought that pretty interesting.

So having a more thorough look today its price currently sitting around 0.000007 I get that this one will get to around 0.03 and possibly 0.04 in the spike this year 2021, possibly November. That is the highest I got for it and it will drop down and loose around 70% of its value in the next crash/drop time. Take this drop percentage from the 0.03 point. It will make great recovery in 2022 and again be running well with hype. In 2022 I get it recovers that 70% drop and getting up to .08 for 2022. I am only getting longevity for this project of being around in 2025, so at this stage not getting much past that at all. So please be aware of that!

From its price-point now and small investment needed the gains can be substantial and then it would seem the pattern will repeat itself again for next year. So there is money to be made on this because the liquidity will be there. So if still low top up a little now!

Ok that’s all I have for you, have a happy joyus weekend Beautiful Souls and I will catch you all soon!

Abundance blessings always, Jule

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