Spirit Press 25th of June 2021

Hi all, hope you are handling well this time in the market. Whilst its not a joyus time like we have experienced in the past. It does still bring great opportunity. The opportunity to top up our bags and if we did buy in at higher prices, cost average the higher price down. Making for when we run soon a far more abundant outcome.

I just looked at RAMP, TGBP, DEFX and tomorrow I will bring you SXP and the SHIB read.

I actually thought I had fully read before Shiba Inu before but I had only just looked briefly asking for the buy in and in the past when everyone else was shouting buy, buy, I was getting No. So, I held off! As you know already the other week I finally got my yes to buy it. This will be a great opportunity to make a great wealth shift. But I think you already know that! However, in saying that I must put the reminder out only to invest funds you can afford to play with, that are not needed for elsewhere commitments. We must watch our greed. I myself sat now for a few days asking this very question. Do I invest in the Yield Nodes? I have asked probably 5 – 6 times in my meditation times, I keep getting yes. I actually wanted a No because a spare 500 Euro I was not quite ready for. But I kept getting the yes and so I have followed, I am now in the waiting phase of it before it gets invested into Masternodes to start earning income. This is me not putting all eggs in one basket, which I think is prudent idea.  When talking to Spirit even if locked in, in the drop coming at some stage, if BTC to get under 20k I got it would be ok, the interest earned would drop to 5% for a short time (Again I am seeking more info on this). I am going to trust this and I will play with initial invested funds I do not need and the monthly income earned I will withdraw anyway. For me it’s about holding assets that will grow long term that don’t cost me much. For some reason this sits better also in the spirit realms the unfolding over time.

I will look at more passive income streams as you present them, another great way to grow wealth slowly over time.

RAMP was 0.15 at my read. Liquid capitol from staked assets. This will be here for a long time. It does have good Energy. It is a good investment. Although not getting a huge price for it this year. The highest I get it going to in 2021 is $0.34 and then in 2022 it will get much higher at $1.65.

TrueGBP – TGBP this stable coin sits around USD$1.27. The tokenized version of the British pound has good Energy. Is stable and safe to move funds into. I got its is safe to hold funds in it. Spirit does not see a problem with it and it is secure.

Definity – DEFX at this read 0.09………..  This has good Energy and is a Good Investment. This is a good project Spirit says and has a good team working on it.  This year 2021 I get it getting around $0.84 – 0.86, so now would be a good time to pick up a little. Next year this one does recover extremely well. I get it only dropping around 50% Spirit says, so much better than some. 2022 will see it getting as high as $18 so this is an excellent investment especially if got some now.

Everything is all relative to when you got in and so I say again to cost average in is always a good call. I am everyday now learning more and more about what is unfolding now that I have the comfort to focus on it more clearly. I am getting some interesting information in which I will share tomorrow and coming days with you all. I like to check my work a few times before rushing to put it out. This is in relation to the market unfolding and my own learning.

Ok, beautiful Souls back soon, Blessings to all!

Author: Jule

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