Yield Nodes

Yieldnodes is a UK company that a friend of mine put me on too. It uses Masternodes for earning interest on invested BTC investment. Its not a mining or staking but Masternodes.

Interesting and after asking Spirit extensively over the last couple of days, I do get it is good. So I am going to give it a go. Monthly interest is variable but around 10% or can go as low as 5% if BTC drops but has been around 18% earlier this year. Note also investment is locked in for 6 months but payouts are monthly. They can also be compounded.

Please Note this is not financial advice. I am not recommending you get in it if it does not resonate for you. I have no first-hand experience with it. However, my two friends who are in are making great passive income returns.  One of the friends has been in it for a while and really checked out the company. I know first-hand he would not easily invest in another BTC mining scam company, he has been stung in the past and lost money so I know how much investigation he has put into this before investing.

I ask Spirit about many, many things that get recommended to me by friends and people in general. Being in crypto people want to recommend to you a variety of things they think you should invest in. I do always ask Spirit and generally mostly I get No or occasionally maybe. I got yes for this. So I will try it out with a small investment.

Please see their website and please watch all their videos and DYOR before proceeding.

Also check out the interview done by Trade wise here and his results – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RK86WvnUNU&t=839s

My affiliate link to register, Full disclosure I receive a small percentage for referral – https://members.yieldnodes.com/c/?a=MyKawjW78rj6qAW&redirect=signup

More Learning on masternodes and Yield Nodes from an investor – https://youtu.be/dwGEEcCTs6c

On the front page of the Yield Nodes website they list the altcoins they invest in which earns the income to pay the dividends. So make sure you check them out as well.

Sapphire – SAPP is one of their main ones they own and invest in. So of course I ask spirit about this Altcoin and yes Spirit does like this, says good energy and a good investment.

You can check out masternodes on the – https://masternodes.online/

So, all in all for me it is worth taking a investment in something like this for passive income. It is always a risk not holding the asset yourself and investing like this. This will be a good time to get in now as market is lower but of course we know it will go higher for greater returns but also it will go lower and expectation I have for the end of the year and funds could be tied in, not earning much. But all in all I would just wait it out to through the rough patch like a bit of whats happening now.

Seen as an passive longer term investment to earn you passive monthly income. Better than money in the bank I think!

Blessings all!

Author: Jule