Spirit press 21st June 2021

Finalising some altcoins from requests last week we have –

Kyber Network – KNC

I read Kyber network before but it was the old one I think and then I got good Energy for it. Giving focus to the new Kyber Network KNC sitting sitting currently around $1.70 Spirit still says good Energy. It is a good Investment. It will be around a long time, getting 2028. It will have a good run this year 2021 getting to around $19.40 and then loosing over half its gains in the next drop. I get it dropping by 55% and the recovery slow for this one for next year. In 2022 it does make good progress, steady growth and Spirit says around $42 as a high for 2022, that’s what I am getting at the moment for it.

Algorand – ALGO currently around 0.92 It does have good Energy. However, this seems a tricky one as far as good Investment, I got it would struggle for a while. So Good Investment, No, not at the moment. For some reason I am getting better investment in 2024, so it is stronger in the future………. So, this year it will makes some gains and get to around $5 – $6 maybe but lose like 70% in drop struggle for 2022 back to about $5.  They are on track but just slower is what I get at the moment with some energy pushing against them.

Let’s look at Miota – IOTA I still get good Energy for this one and is also a Good Investment. 3rd quarter should still hit the $15 and then going into October top out around $21. This will have a correction of about 50% this is good compared to some others. It does recover well and make a strong recovery and stay around for a long time. Getting Box 4 price will come sometime in early – Mid 2022 recovery will be strong for this one. I still getting it reaching around $97 for 2022. Spirit likes this one with strides being made to good solid footing.

Again, out with timing on BTC not up this last weekend but it will get there but now looking more like this weekend back to the 40k range. Why I dislike reading BTC but no point to focus on being wrong as this energy does not serve one, but to question spirit also a bit fruitless except for understanding. Not wanting to push on or worry to much accuracy for BTC on the short micro timeframe but do want to know on the macro. The larger timeframe is important and the major. So still get sideways nothing too major before eventually moving up.

So, for me the main thing is we will go up from here is what I keep getting. It is not until 4th quarter do I get the most major drop for BTC and the rest of the Altcoins. I am starting to ask more about this. My personal plan is to invest some BTC short term as I have just discovered a UK company paying good returns. Then cash-out before the drop to enable to buy back in again at much lower price. More info coming on this UK company for passive income investing, will let you know when I have personally investigated it more and also again talked to Spirit about it. But so far Spirit says yes! Will post tomorrow.

Blessings all, Jule

Author: Jule