ZAP Spirit info June 2021

Zap – ZAP 18th June 2021

Zap currently 0.071 today

Spirit says yes Good Energy for ZAP

Will be around long term and the good energy will be reflected more later

Not a good investment just yet in 2021. It will be a better investment next year. Spirit says not a good investment this year, after checking further its because of the huge drop coming. You could still make money this year on it but your timing and reading charts for technical analysis needs to be very good, because this year end many will get wreaked. So, I did get it as high as $6 – $6.60 this year sometime this could be an erratic move.

Next year 2022 will be much smoother and solid footings for it and Spirit said ZAP will be a good Investment next year. 2022 Zap Spirit says will get to $63 and it will stay around a long time. Getting 2028 still here.

Author: Jule