Spirit press 27th July 2021

Hello all,

Ok well, I have been asking re the post I shared on Discord. If the ruling elite will crash the market in 2022. I did audios about it but will share maybe tomorrow. I want to check the work again and I really want to feel surer with what I am getting. As we know yes a bear market in early 2022 but for how long and how low?  There are many differing opinions out there in Lalaland and why I don’t usually watch or listen to others. It Throughs me out completely as far as timelines.

Looking at Anon Inu for Shubee99 currently 0.00000304  It has good Energy. It’s not a great investment this year. Although it does go back and possibly past ATH of 0.000010 to about 0.0005

In 2022 it does better getting to 0.04 but Spirit likes it as a better investment in 2023. Longevity is only around a short to medium time frame of 2026.

REVV  for Manoj is currently 0.14 Good Energy – no sorry didn’t get that. Good investment? It is ok, it will get back past its ATH this year. Highest I got for 2021 – 0.90 ……….Does better in 2022  has decent longevity to 2028.

Matic for Louie & Manoj

Yes, it has great energy and is a good investment. I get $22 for 2021, drops around 70%, and $45 for 2022 end.  This will be here for a long time in 2030.

And Utrust for Manoj and Louie? Sorry, having a little trouble managing who wants what atm or who requested what when.


Good Energy – Yes and Good investment – Yes

Today I got 2021 – $6.40 drops only 40% is what i got and 2022 – $28 and 2023 $95

Longevity will be here for a long time – 2030

Aiming for a better day tomorrow

Author: Jule