Alchemy Tools to combat Vax 26th Aug 2021

Hello all,

Today and yesterday’s work from Spirit has been dedicated to helping move through the vaccine without any health problems or complications on all levels. I have been working on these for a few days now and has been I feel my most very important work that my guides want me to share.

These are the tools to the profound last video I shared! About what can we do about the VAX

As many of you are not realizing if even if you do not choose to get vaccinated you will still be affected by those around you with them releasing spike proteins which will result in health issues for the unvaxed. The only way to avoid this is to go live in a remote bush area away from everyone. Or start to take on board some of the valuable information Spirit recommends to protect yourself build your immunity and your energetic vibration.

Information from Spirit with these Powerful Alchemy Tools.

I talked to Spirit about these today and yesterday. I worked all day putting together this Meditation audio, a Mantra/Affirmation channeled from my guides, and also giving you my personal Decree.

The Decree, what is it? It’s a declaration of intent you say aloud. You have been trapped and bound throughout time and most of you are completely unaware of the binding spell casting that has been placed on you. It started at birth with your birth certificate as all the wording in that contract is a spell of binding you as limited (just body) to the Crown corporation as a slave worker. Ultimately this binding and spell casting has been going on throughout history on this planet by the ruling Elite (we can give them many many names but their lineage goes back to Archon Gods) who have kept you submissive and controlled. You already know or have just learned this recently but until now do not either care or know how to break the bonds, chains that held you.

For those of you that really do want to become more powerful Conscious Creators not controlled by this limiting system. Then you need to state/intend to verbally break the bonds that bound you. Without doing this you will still be limited and find it harder to intuit and connect to the highest Soul Source self because the binding holds you back.

Look breaking the bonds with this declaration is powerful and why/how my connection and intuition got stronger and I became a powerful Alchemist. I had no intention of sharing this with the normies but now I understand from Spirit it’s the only way they can really help themselves if they choose. They in turn will be able to help others and hold space in protection for family and friends because they will be more powerful Creators as their energetic bonds throughout time have been cut/released.

This Decree I used to break bonds held through time. I used this Decree to become more intuitive and strongly powerfully connected to my guides. So, I hope you realize the value of these items. They are powerful Alchemy Tools.

You are welcome to share it with friends and family but do not put it public anywhere. For Private use only.

I will be doing a Zoom Session in relation to these products for those that want to be true Alchemists and help others transcend this Virus/Vax. It of course will be far more powerful because I will be calling in my guides to help hold the space for it.

Here are all the products access free for you –

Copy links to open them –

Creator Health Protection Meditation –  Audio can be downloaded to listen with earphones are best.

File with –

  1. Instructions – Please read all instructions first.
  2. Channelled Mantra/Affirmation
  3. Decree

Well, I hope this information serves you well, you decide to make use of it and you can become the Masterful Creator you are meant to be. This really is the first step!

Blessings always,


Author: Jule