Spirit press 25th Aug 2021

Hi Everyone, hope you are well!

Today having a look at some of the altcoins and wallets –

Pillar – PLR  – Currently – 0.04 ATH – $1.56

Does it have Good Energy? = No

Is it a Good Investment? = Yes

2021 – back to ATH yes and to – $4.20

 2022 – 50% drop then good recovery reaching $12 – $13

 2023 –going strong – $85

Pillar is a cryptocurrency part of the ISO 20022 cryptos destined to run high. Understand how these crypto’s energy is not completely easy to read, even seeming cloaked or deceitful at times. Meaning I am given something and then at another time given something completely different………. Today the above is exactly what I got today for PLR. I do get it will do very well, which I have got regardless all along for this one. Just like all the ISO altcoins, these Alts will all do well. However, and I need more time to read them all, there is just something manipulating about the energy of these coins. It’s not clear yet to me yet but I almost feel like they are a trap. Am I just being paranoid, I don’t know! Maybe. All I know is their energy is definitely different. Need more time to focus on them and read them, just to keep that eye on them.

Its longevity – 2028

NFT Art Finance – Currently 0.00000000 ATH – 0.00000002

Does it have Good Energy? = No

Is it a Good Investment? = No and I don’t even get later it will improve.

2021 – No

 2022 = No

 2023 = No

Its longevity – 2022 maybe only here at the beginning of 2022 as get it fades away.

Earth Token – ERTH  – Currently – 0.00000000 ATH – ? Note how really difficult it is to read so many zeros with Spirit that mistakes could easily be made on both sides.

Does it have Good Energy? = Yes

Is it a Good Investment? = OK Yes, does better later.

2021 – 0.006

 2022 – Drops near 60%

 2023 –  0.08,  2024 in the dollars.

Its longevity – 2028

Let’s look at some wallets if they are safe to hold our crypto on?

I would like to stress this is NOT Financial advice I can not guarantee timing or outcome. I take no responsibility if the outcomes change. This is what I am getting from my guides. My Lemurian light family. I do personally follow my guides advice with complete trust for me personally. I share this knowledge with you. However, understand the timing could be out and share to you only what I am getting from my guides. Sometimes it does not make sense in this 3D reality but regardless I follow it with complete faith. You do need to use your own intuition ultimately in the end what is right for you.

Atomic wallet – Is it safe?

Safe – Sept? = Yes,  

Oct? = Maybe/undecided,    

Nov? =  No      

 Dec? = No  

Becoming safe again in – March

Trust wallet – Is it safe?

Safe – Sept? = Yes    

Oct? = No    

Nov? =  No      

 Dec? =  No

Becoming safe again in – April

I am reading and asking each individual month trying to get a pattern from spirits information, that’s why it takes a long time to get information.

There is something about Binance, the company Binance and its starting in October is what I get from my guides. It starts for the wallet first in October. People will lose funds without realizing it. By the following month, it affects all the products of Binance in November as a whole is what I got. It is not safe to trade funds in November on Binance.

I cannot help but think the wallets are unsafe to do with internet outages but I need to ask Spirit more on this.

My personal questions –

Should I sell all my investments on Trust wallet? = No

I should store them somewhere else? = Yes

So, I am asking for your help, we need to find other wallets that we can store and hold our tokens like ERTH, SHARK, Safemoon and Starship. Please do some searching and find us other wallets so I can check them as safe for us. This would be greatly appreciated!

Ok, I am continuing my research with Spirit on a few different subjects to help us through this time with grace. I have been told I need to work on the DNA helix and how what method I can use to restructure it back to its original pristine form. This is a work in progress and will take time to come.

I also want to focus on some of these ISO 20022 altcoins and was told again today to buy XDC. There is a few of these coins XRP, XLM, XDC, QNT, ALGO and there are more that most are not aware of. Like PLR today.

Please put requests for me to check wallets under Coin requests on Discord.

Blessings to you all, Jule

Author: Jule