Spirit Press 23rd Aug 2021

Ok happy end of August everyone! How are we all doing? I hope you are all fine!

Whilst we have finished up the random coin requests now, I have time to focus on what is important. That is this crazy Shift unfolding that’s going on in the world stage. Looking into everything that will aid us all on the financial level and as far as our health and survival. These are of the utmost importance.

Knowing and understanding how to come through this with grace will best serve us. We are the rebuilders that once we have come through the purging will be rebuilding and have the abundance to do that. Starting new divine projects, business and developing our own skills and extending from them to help others. It will be very exciting and is a 5 year unfolding.

Ok so back to right now –

I have read daughter Doge – DDOGE  at this read 0.00000108 All-time-high – 0.00000331

Does it have Good Energy? = No

Is it a Good Investment? = Yes

2021 –  No to Ok, gets to ATH but not past.

 2022 – yes – maybe 0.00006. Reminder on all the zeros are hard to read with Spirit.

 2023 – Yes, 0.01

Its longevity – 2026

Ok lets look at WinkLink – WIN currently 0.00066222 with ATH – 0.002

Does it have Good Energy? = Yes

Is it a Good Investment? = Yes

2021 – yes 0.06

 2022 – No it Drops maybe 70%

 2023 – Yes makes great recovery – 0.13

Its longevity – 2027

Having a look at Zilliqa – ZIL currently 0.10 with an ATH – 0.25

Does it have Good Energy? = Yes

Is it a Good Investment? = Yes

2021 –  yes past ATH – 0.55

 2022 – yes, it does drop by about 60% getting recovery to around $5

 2023 – Yes , $29

Its longevity – 2030

Zilliqa is price manipulated due to the staking. Making it harder to read. I know prices, what I got today is different from CR 1. I am hoping this will change again with more of the unfolding and as they all go on a run higher.

Ok lets look at some of these Stable-coins for Pommy Jay – TAUD, TCAD & THKD

TAUD –  Safe to hold – No

TCAD – Safe to hold – No

THKD – Safe to hold – No

None of them will be around after 2026 they would have run their course. Or by 2026 we/not all, will be fully anchored into the 4D reality so that could be why I am not getting these particular coins after this time.

Because I get from my guides today all the above so-called True dollars are tied to the new world order the ISO 20022. With this and having funds stored here gives them access to remove them from your wallet at will. Note I am just starting to get more information on this and will be looking at which coins these are. There are more than just the obvious ones you think are involved. But isn’t that always the way!

Anyway, keep your spirits high as we navigate through this. After releasing the videos Friday I have had many messages and there is more than you realize on the same mindset as we are. More opening to their true knowledge and I am wanting to help more or at least as many as I can come through this unrobbed of their energetic brilliance. This means helping everyone become the Magician and moving powerfully into the 4D.

So my blessing and wishes for you –

  1. Take the measures you need to, to secure what you need for you and yours, in all the areas that will support you.
  2. Stay in the excitement of your crypto gains on their way to you! Stay in that energy!
  3. Think about -Exactly what you will be doing with it? Think from a place of abundance not scarcity when you think about what you are going to do with this wealth.
  4. Did you know/do you feel you have a calling well the time is unfolding and its coming faster than you think. Since you will have all this wealth what will you be doing in this new world coming in?
  5. Be in gratitude for your own wisdom and connection. There is no mistakes, you were guided here for a reason. So, shine that light brightly out of fear, be in the strength of knowledge that all is unfolding and will be fine.
  6. Love is always the answer, coming from the highest love and connection of all.

Much abundance of love and pure Creator light blessings always,


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