Spirit Press 31st Aug 2021

Hello All, hope you are all well!

Ok, today will look at a few of your requests –

LBank Exchange – Rose

Good Energy? = No

Is it safe to leave crypto on? = No

Oct? = Yes       Nov? = No

Becomes safe again? = April

Fidelity USA Investment company

Good Energy? = NO

Should not invest here.

Looking at some of the different Vaccination brands –

Sinovac – Kevin

This is safer than others, Yes

Does not seem to affect body organs as adversely or the same way as others. So Yes I do get as safe from Spirit. Checked two different times.

SinoPharm – Panda

Is this safe? = No

This is not safe at all.

Checked today from Spirit – Also Artemisinin is a supplement that is good against Covid.

Looking at Exchanges –

I seem to be getting very similar things with exchanges in that they all have problems come the end of the year. This could be because of the internet outages. Some come back better than others.

ByBit Exchange

Good Energy? = Yes

Is it safe to leave crypto on? = No not really

Sept? = Yes,  Oct? =  Yes      Nov? = No,   Dec? = No

Becomes safe again in 2022 –

1st Quarter – Maybe Ok, when you can get on it.  2nd Q ? = No, 3rd Q ? = Yes

4th Q ? = Some issues again.

FTX Exchange

Good Energy? = No, Dicey energy here.

Is it safe to leave crypto on? = No definitely not. This will have problems.

Sept? = Yes, Oct? =  No     Nov? = No,  Dec? = No

Becomes safe again in 2022? – No

1st Quarter – No.  2nd Q ? = No, 3rd Q ? = Yes,  4th Q ? = No

It Will only become safe again in 3rd quarter Spirit said, but then I got not for the fourth quarter. So I would not use it at all. It may just continue with an online presence in 2022 but need to take care. I ask further and get still problems in 2023 with safety.

Checking again today USDC, get all good.

And USDP and get all good.

Please put other Exchange requests and Stable, Wallet requests in the Coin Request discussion on Discord please.

Blessings all, Jule

Author: Jule