Final months of 2021 – 1st Sept to Dec

Hello all, being that it’s the 1st day of September I thought today should focus on the market for the next few months and what’s unfolding going forward.

What others are saying –

[Forwarded from x JP crypto channel]

Bo Polny is saying what I have heard from other 4 people including Clif High (they all used their own & different methodology):

– we are in bull run

– Btc could go up to $200k this year

– stock market correction according to him next year, which will take the crypto market down too, maybe even by -90%. According to Nenners cycle by January 22, 2022 is the best time to sell cryptos, as between Feb-April 2022 we are in very dangerous territory where massive stock market along with cryptos collapse should happen. This by someone will be fuelled by excessive (read: not all, just more than usual) deaths of the vaxed people. The Crypto market should recover fairly soon (in several months) and go up, up, up again

– in his video, he said in November this year people will wake up and realize they have been lied to. will be very chaotic for those who believed in lies and for the vaxed

– his message was: FEAR NOT if you are prepared (food, gold, silver, cryptos) and my assumption is that you are not vaxed

From Jule – Goddess Creative

NOTE* Above is what others are saying. I tend to agree with the sentiment for sure but the timing for me is out with the crypto run and market crash. But hey my timing could be out too! Often is but I cannot stop getting the same thing so I myself will be going with my timing.

But I guess if we have not run high enough in Oct then I guess we will be waiting that extra month or so the above is saying. But I do scratch my head at the timing as it does seem to coincide with internet outages. So it may pay to be in some cold storage by then.


I get huge highs coming. It will be a crazy exciting time in the crypto market.

This afternoons Tarot reading and the link is here for you –

It will be a very heightened emotional time. Exciting with the crypto huge highs and heightened emotionally draining and sad as the truth comes to light more at the end of the year.

So I do get millionaires, many, many millionaires being made in this run.

September we should start to see this run and October the highest month is what I get. This seems to be continuing the same what I got months back. I don’t get November as high but could still be high but you will have to deal with perhaps internet outages and disruption is what I am getting from Spirit. As November has problems for altcoins is what I got. Exactly what not sure exactly, can only guesstimate its to do with the internet and some slow downward trend from there.

Gold & Silver

It Will not be doing a lot for a while, not until next year.

I get Silver will to around $32 in Nov and then drop down again to around $25 in the all markets crashing time.

I get Yes to the stock market could crash in Dec.

Both Gold and Silver come very good from 3rd quarter 2022.  Gold getting to around $3000 and Silver to $140.


In today’s talking with Spirit this information is new. Australia and other countries will need some cash on hand for around 5 months. So, from now to about 5 months as the new Financial ISO system really kicks in and goes live.

After that cash will start to become obsolete in Australia and Europe. The USA will be using cash for longer. But only small pockets in all places will use it privately for trade. Mainly those not understanding the financial system. But be assured they will be kicking us all into this new financial system.

So, I hope you enjoyed today’s Tarot reading for the rest of the year. I do get you will get your gains so please have faith and raise your vibration out of just hope. Instead, have you started thinking about what you are going to do with it?

Me, I will be moving and then I would like a Kangen water system the best water in the world. And I also want to buy a scalar machine. Both are expensive items but not once the crypto comes in. These both will preserve health and heal for the rebuilding…

Ok all have a great evening, Blessings Jule

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  1. Hi Jule
    Yes the kangan water system is great.
    I have one for about 2 yrs now
    My mom introduced me to it
    She also helped me buy mine and one other sister has one
    She also helped her too

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