Spirit Press 2nd Sept 2021- XDC & QNT

I’m taking another look at XDC and also QNT today.

Quant – QNT

Does it have Good Energy? = No

Is it a Good Investment? = Yes, will be an important one to be in own, in the future. In 3D  and 4D, it won’t be in 5D at all.

Safe? = Yes, but it is tracked and monitored very strongly starting in 2022. Please see the information on wallets for these particular Altcoins. D Cent wallet and the others are pretty much the same.

2021 – Get it to $260 many be $270

 2022 = No it does drop by 60% but recovers very well.

Its longevity – 2029

XinFin – XDC  Yes this has been checked many times now and as you know I just bought a bit more.

Does it have Good Energy? = No

Is it a Good Investment? = Yes

Safe? = Maybe

2021 – $8.90 but will catch it at $8.70.

 2022 = No drops by 70%

I was told to sell 100% and rebuy again cheaper. I wanted to hold just a little in the wallets but Spirit said No. I asked as I have BitFi if I only hold a little and Store on the BitFi. I get No still.

Its longevity – 2031

I also learned today that we should keep our ISO coins separate from our Sovereign Altcoins in separate cold storage wallets if you can. Something to do with the tracking as we eventually go into the new system. This doesn’t happen until next year but I do think you should be aware. That holding the two together will allow tentacles to explore what you have.

Now even with the Sovereign altcoin like Zilliqa that’s not an ISO coin if you have the address can still be looked up and tracked. Yes, however with storing having mixed ones in the same wallet allows for more tracking snooping technology without the need for individual addresses.

I am not sure how this all works but to the extent of certain wallets and holding altcoins all in the same wallet opens up to this.

For these below wallets –

D cent wallet – can store your XDC on this.

Good Energy? = No

Safe? = Yes

Through all of 2021? = Yes

Through all of 2022? = No, is the energy I get.

1st Q = Yes,  2nd Q = No, 3rd Q = Yes,  4th Q = No

Do funds get lost NO, But I do get in 2nd and 4th quarter some energy regarding susceptible to spying on. Funds being monitored.

XDC Chrome Extension Wallet – XinPay.

Good Energy? = No

Safe? = Ok

Through all of 2021? = No, November to Feb not safe.

Through all of 2022? = Safe from March the rest of 2022.

So today I have mainly focused whilst asking Spirit with regard to XDC – mainnet Xinfin Delegated proof of stake XinFin hybrid blockchain this is the link I have found snoops at other altcoins its stored with in the same wallet.

I did not get it’s the same as XDCE – ERC20 token, no this is fine and Spirit says does not pose the same risk of snooping if stored with others.

I found this very interesting and been seeking what I can get further on this and if it applies to all the ISO 20022 Altcoins.

Blessings Jule

Author: Jule