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Hi all,

I have been researching some products and also asking Spirit about things to help our health with what’s unfolding. Information on the Ivermectin doses because too many are over-dosing on it, it seems and so I ask Spirit about it today along with other things relating to the Vax. What Scalar devices could be helpful and will they really benefit. I was asking for myself and my family with regard to devices as it’s a subtle way for me to give them protection, very difficult to get them to take therapeutics and it is interesting what I got.

From Spirit –

Understanding the different beings now that are the Population on Earth

The Galactic Hybrids – They came for the show right now on Earth, came for control, and makeup 60% of the population. Galactic Hybrids will most likely get Vaxed and will die.

Hybrids are not part of the original human soul. They come as they want to experience, sometimes uplift this Earth shift. Hybrids are organic but Galactic in nature.

Organic Soul Source Beings – Predominately direct ascendants of the one true Source. The original soul Source human. They make up around 40% of the population. Most will not get vaccinated or have awareness not to. They too will die if taking the Vax but also depends on the health immunity resonance is good or not beforehand.

A non-player character (NPC) – Most are non-important players, minions to make up numbers. If NPC gets the vaccine most will. They won’t necessarily die depends on the pre-programming. It makes no difference if they take supplements or not, it does not benefit their already pre-determined structure.

Just out of curiosity Interest – The number of people receiving the Saline Vaccination

Australia – 20%

Europe – 30%

United Kingdom – 40%

United States – 40%

Canada – 40%

Asia China/India – 20%

More information on 2022 Shortages –

USA – Food shortages =Yes but not on toiletries or supplements. But they will be all more expensive.

Australia – Food Shortages = No, but all food and products will be more expensive. Supplements and toiletries will have shortages though= Yes. Unable to replenish imported stock, shelves will be getting bare and what is available will be more expensive. As more get sick more will also seek supplements so yes there will be shortages in health supplements. So, stock up now if you can.  But the expensive cost of food like fruit, Veg, Meat, Diary & bread won’t affect us too much as our affordability will be much greater next year.

Australia won’t have food shortages because we have a smaller population. Those vaccinated will get sick and die so no for food shortage Spirit says. This also applies to why there won’t be food shortages in some other countries I had previously asked Spirit about.

Because it requires a lot of work/time/energy I have not asked for full details on shortages for all countries. I am not sure if you want this information. So, if you do let me know and I can ask more about your area and get more information.

Regarding Ivermectin –

This is getting harder and harder to get in many countries now, some countries almost near impossible. Luckily at the moment, I can still get it the paste type. The other tablets on Aliexpress I had ordered I asked Spirit today and I won’t receive them because our customs restrictions have just got even tighter.

We even have warnings on TV news now against taking Ivermectin. As people think it’s a cure for covid and are over-dosing on it. Not that I trust mainstream news at all.

But I did think I would find out more from Spirit as to dosage for self and family and if I have enough Ivermectin.

So, this is what I got today –

Ivermectin do NOT take it until you need it.

I asked for myself here in Australia and will need it from Jan to Oct 2022 and my dosage required is half a tube for 63 kg, Normal dosage is meant to be 1grm for 1 kg of body weight.

But I checked my body requirement to my personal situation is half a tube every 3 days I am around vaccinated people. My situation varies as I spend a lot of time alone away from other people. So it really depends if you are out amongst vaccinated people daily.

75 kg person will require ¾ of a tube of the paste.

2 doses a week to your body weight does offer a level of protection. However, if in contact daily with the vaccinated you would need 3 doses a week, Spirit says that would be enough protection.

As you can imagine it also depends on other things you are doing to protect yourself. Depends on dosage and immunity

For me for example –

All the other supplements I talked about previously help me immensely including NAC

Not eating meat, clean filtered water.

Use of Rife machine. Wearing of Scalar device.

So, the confirmation I got was one-half tube a week. I have 6 tubes so those 6 tubes will last me 12 weeks. I have confirmed today.

Scalar devices

I would like to give a warning that Government’s advice against them. So, use your own intuition first if right for you.

Ok, so I have mentioned Scalar devices a fair bit to be helpful for health. And if you do not understand their benefit best you google scalar technology and learn yourself.

But I have been wanting something that can help me (I spend a massive amount of time on technology) And so do also my daughters. I already use Shungite and Pyramids.

A scalar device can do wonders in this department for the kind for the right person. As they are not all the same.

Eventually, I want the top-notch one Spooky Scalar when crypto comes in but until then I will use a pendant and the small Rife machine I have just purchased. These are going to be game-changers in the future I believe and will help many with this technology.

I have asked spirit about many devices and not all are beneficial.

The first item I asked about is the Iyashi wand. https://iyashisource.com/iyashi-wand?referrer=CNWR_12701345423499&gclid=CjwKCAjwj8eJBhA5EiwAg3z0mxjAA24YiB1EwIuBLlxiDerkq2BZTbmb7b8jjeZQ2J7V6HwjY5831RoCjm8QAvD_BwE

Spirit said Yes to this, this is good and it works as a scalar device to help improve health & many aliments. However, it is out of stock currently and you cannot get it.

I wonder why, hahaha this is becoming a common theme many of these things are starting to get snapped up. Someone knows something about how helpful this tech can be in this health crisis about to hit.

There are other wand-type devices. Spirit said No to.

So, let’s look at other scalar pendant devices –

I have found a device that is too strong for me but not too strong for my daughters. I want to gift them these devices not necessarily to wear but carry on their persons.

So it this Scalar pendant – https://www.wish.com/product/5ef9daca12d10bf316a592aa?hide_login_modal=true&from_ad=goog_shopping&_display_country_code=AU&_force_currency_code=AUD&pid=googleadwords_int&c=%7BcampaignId%7D&ad_cid=5ef9daca12d10bf316a592aa&ad_cc=AU&ad_curr=AUD&ad_price=15.00&campaign_id=8687539381&exclude_install=true&gclid=CjwKCAjwj8eJBhA5EiwAg3z0m4_9BSaAYuPlLFR5LkuMLf-Cb0-iSbCguDoNQ2E19SVIEPpn2ZKAiBoCnJcQAvD_BwE&share=web

You may be able to find other sources for it as well.  I asked Spirit and this is what I got on it –

It does help keep immunity high to protect from C19. Does not protect from the spike protein effect. But it does help protect from the vaccination content.

Spirit said yes to helps rid of Pathogens, Toxins and EMF’s are the things I asked about.

So as I said the above one is too strong and intense for me as guided by my guides. But this other one is perhaps weaker (?) or just a better energetic match to my energetic field.

Found on DHGate is black with flower type dots and very cheap ranging from $2 – $5


This is more subtle Energy and works better for me and others like my Energy field for protection. Asked Spirit and will assist me with EMFs, Toxins, and Pathogens.

My youngest daughter (barefoot nature child) got needing both pendants. Harmony should do 6 months of the stronger one and then switch to the more subtle one after that time. Interesting I thought!

Note* that DHGate has other more expensive fancy pendants and whilst I did not check all of them but most of them are no good.

The one that looks similar to the first one above on DHGate is no good. The one above link is Japan technology and Spirit says yes….. The other DHGate is not.

Also this looks good and expensive but NO good – Alphaspin Mini Bio Disc Pendant Alpha Spin Scalar Energy Balance Body 2018 Newest Health Products Quantum Scalar Energy

Ok, that’s all I have for the moment. I may add other devices to this if people want me to add or check out a particular device before purchase.

Blessings Jule

Author: Jule