Spirit Press 6th Sept 2021

Hello Beautiful Souls, hope you are all well!

Wow well, I really hope you all can feel the exciting energy in the air as far as crypto bull run because we are off and running.

I checked some coins today on an Australian exchange called Swyftx and I advise my fellow Aussie members if you use this exchange to get all funds off by the end of this month, that is what I am getting. I don’t know why exactly but I have asked like 3 times now and it is doing my head in, as it’s a great Aussie exchange to trade in USD easily set buy/sell orders. We cannot do that on Coinspot another major exchange here but only offers AUD. So, I am of course annoyed as I thought I had more time to move/sell my alts on there. I hold 24 different Alts on this exchange alone, this is really troublesome. However, looking at some of them I am happy to report that Dent seems to be coming back up, depends on where you got it of course. I got mine at 0.0003. Other ones doing great WRX that ones gone from .20 when I got it to now $1.70 and Matic also doing great. Harmony One is climbing again I got mine very low. Another I got very low is Siacoin – got very low and has made over 250% gains for me. So yes, you all should be feeling positive we are running and this patience will pay off.

So, I was looking at these other exchange requests and now they will have to come tomorrow.

As I got sidetracked with my friend JC who gave me a hot tip. Of course, I have checked it with spirit a few times today and have it for you all. He said it’s going to run and do really well this year! He did not have a price target like myself or timing. He also runs a private closed crypto group and is intuitive. He is the person not sure if I mentioned followed my tarot reading last year for NPXS and turned a couple of thousand into 5 mil. I also just interviewed him this week uploading a video soon, its on quantum energy and how to transcend the vax…

Ok, so here is the coin –

I have of course checked it now a few times, it is BNB Diamond – BNBD currently 0.00000001

Does it have Good Energy? = No and think this will be because people may get caught with it when it runs.

Is it a Good Investment? =  Yes

2021 – from where it is now will make millionaires. Asked gets to over 0.002 September, could get 0.0024. As you know I could be out with the timing but that’s what I got. But my friend said it will run big and fast.  I do get you to have to get out of it fast when it gets to that price.

 2022 = It will come good after this drop next year again, drops by 60% and recovers to 0.015

Its longevity – 2026

I just checked BNBD and yes very good, life-changing for sure. Thank you to my friend in Hongkong for this tip. Also remember need to be very careful with Binance coming up, everything to do with it, and all its related things even the trust wallet. This is not the first time I have got this either. Binance and its altcoins are going to have issues come the 4th quarter. I will be checking this more and keep you posted.

You can get BNBD on pancakeswap and hold on your trust wallet. I am really excited for this one as it will make millionaires this year out of a couple of hundred investment could net you around 60,000,000 I have had to do and redo my sums on this. As you know I have not been focused enough on multiples some alts can gain. This is a life-changing opportunity!

Blessings to you all,


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